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Hello.  This is Christina Martel, “Your Personal Prosperity Partner”. Welcome to my blog. You’ll regularly be receiving lots of powerful financial information along with accompanying videos. You can actually put today’s information into practice immediately.

Most of the clients I work with are middle income American’s, and they typically fall into three groups:  the high risk takers, the no risk takers and the ones in the middle.  Even the college-educated among these groups, have very little education about how money really works.  It’s my mission to educate you so that you can make good decisions for safe short term prosperity, and for a comfortable tax free retirement no matter what your current feelings are about money.

Here’s just one powerful example of how I can help.  I’m going to assume that you’ve all heard of life insurance . . . or what I prefer to call death insurance.  You buy it.  You select your beneficiaries, and when you die they reap the benefit of your policy. That’s the end of it.

Did you know that there’s now a life insurance policy you don’t have to die to use?  It’s called Indexed Universal Life with Living Benefits.  Living benefits have completely revolutionized our industry. IUL’s as they’re called, represent its fastest growing sector. Why?

Living benefits protect your income in case you suffer a critical, (cancer heart attack or stroke), chronic (diabetes, debilitating asthma, etc.) terminal illness or a disabling accident.  It’s like having a disability policy, a long term care policy and a life insurance policy all rolled up into one with NO extra costs.  All withdrawals are TAX-FREE and none of your hard earned money will EVER be lost.  It’s the Life Insurance you don’t have to DIE to use. No matter what happens to you from now until you die, you’re covered.

I know you’ll have questions. All you have to do is pick up your phone: call, text or email me, and I’ll take it from there. Thanks for your attention and for allowing me to share my passion with you. Stay tuned for another life changing strategy next time.

Christina Martel,