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About Christina Martel
Speaker, Broker, Author.

Christina had a long career in High Technology when in 2004 she shifted her focus and began working with her son to help people with their Medical insurance and Medicare needs. Along the way she discovered that many of her clients knew nothing about how money worked, putting them into debt and approaching financial ruin.
Christina’s passion became to educate her clients about the three silent enemies obstructing the path between their financial starting point and their personal finish line – inflation, debt and taxes – without losing a dime of their money along the way. Christina feels that the most expeditious way to educate this group is through speaking…thus a new phase of her business was born.

Teaching You Strategies to Create a Lifetime of Prosperity

Speaking Topics

7 Smart Strategies to Keep More of Your Money


Create a Tax-free retirement plan


Discover the Miracle of Living Benefits


Develop an achievable spending plan


Implement doable debt reduction strategies


Begin a sustainable savings plan


Waste Less! Save More!


Get a Will and, if need be, a Trust

Money 101


Learn the fundamental principles of money


Learn how to grow your wealth with money you didn’t know you had

It’s Not Too Late


Learn what to do when you’ve put off saving for retirement past your 40s, 50s or 60s

I Don’t Want to Think About It – The 4 “Ds”


Death, Divorce, Disability, Disaster

“7 Smart Strategies to Keep More of Your Money”
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What People Are Saying

“Christina is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker. She infuses humor into her talks along with providing great insight into educating her audiences about how money works.. I highly recommend her!”

Deidra Miller

Magic Wing Administration

“Christina Martel is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is educating her audience about the simple ways to improve their financial situation. In her very lively and inspirational speeches, she offers concrete ideas that are relevant and very practical.”

Julia Ross

Independent Insurance Agent

“What a dynamic speaker Christina Martel is. She is smart, funny and has something worth listening to. You will always have a great take away from her events.”

Judie Bicknell

Natural Wealth Inc.

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